Saturday, May 12, 2012

As my last year as college student comes to a close, I wanted to reminisce on all the fashionable memories I had. Of course it wouldn't be the same without my best friends, Elana and Caroline. Where ever the road takes us I know we will always be close and forever fashionable. 

20th birthday!!
Me-H&M top with Antik Batik vest and JCrew Skirt

Halloween 2011
Me- 80's girl
Elana- Ballerina
Caroline- Flapper

Holiday Party 2011
Me- Forever 21 dress
Elana-Rugby Dress
Caroline- Shoshana Dress

                                                          St. Pattys Day Weekend-
                                    Christina- Saks Fifth Ave shirt and Sam Edelman shoes
                                                            Caroline- JCrew shoes
                                            Elana- Forever 21 top and J Brand jeans
                                                 Me- Gap Jeans and JCrew top

The Fray concert!
Me- Zara top with Rugby vest and Fragile jeans
Elana- JCrew top and vintage skirt
Caroline- Forever 21 skirt with vintage SPIRIT top 

Naragansett Coastal Guard house
Me- JCrew dress
Elana- JCrew dress
Caroline- JCrew dress