Friday, October 7, 2011

Virgin Blogger

This is my first post since opening up an account in January. The reasoning behind even starting a blog was for my FIT class at Johnson & Wales University. I honestly did not care about the was an easy A....whatever I was being taught or told to do went over my head and I just did what I was told. It is now October...10 months since I opened an account and i am now just writing my first blog.

Why am I starting one? Well for one I can not sleep and I am bored. Second, I am a huge fan of just looking at Fashion blogs and always wish I could do something like that or have a lay out like that. So now I am attempting to do the same as the bloggers that have the creativity i idealize so much. 

On this blog my main topic will be Fashion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion so much! I have always and will always find fashion so fascinating and so amazing!

I won't just focus on fashion alone but I will bring in the latest gossip about everything that is going on in the world. 

Pictures, links and stories are going to be posted on this blog starting now!

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